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Life, love, and travel in Australia during the time of covid

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Hi, I’m Ross de Baker. Welcome to my website. I’m currently driving across the top end of Australia on a journey from Perth to Brisbane and back again. As I go, I’ll be documenting tales about some of events that occur and people I meet along the way. Please enjoy reading one of my blogs, listening to some music, watching a video, or browse some of the other bits and pieces I’ve bundled together to make this record of life, love, and travel, during covid. 


Music has been a major part of my life since I started playing guitar in my teens. My father introduced me to a celloist with the WA Symphony when I was about 17 and her stories were enough to convince me I didn’t want to be a classical musician. My mother also gave me a great piece of advice; “If you keep it as a hobby you can always enjoy it, but if you turn it into work, then it will become a job”.

I’ve played in garage bands, and a few pub bands, and busked to earn a few extra bob when travelling, and played with my mates and new people I’ve met, ever since I first started playing the guitar. I started playing bass the first time I joined a band in my teens and that has morphed into me being a double bass player, and I learnt the mandolin along the way, also. Many an hour of boredom has been cured by practicing something new on an instrument.

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Driving from one side of the country and back again in a country the size of Australia can be done quickly but it’s best to take your time. I had a fairly hurried start but eventually started to find the rhythm of the road. Read about my travels and  adventures by clicking on the button below

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