Ross De Baker

Ross de Baker was born in the south-west of Western Australia, in Minang country, near the Porongorups and Stirling Ranges. His family moved to Perth when he was just a little tacker, and his earliest memories are of the suburbs of Como and South Perth. Later the family moved closer to Fremantle, and whilst now living out amongst the Beeliar wetlands, Ross still calls the port city his home town.

Leaving Alice

I’ve been telling people “I’ll be leaving Alice Springs, soon”, though it seems to be harder to leave Alice than to settle into the place. People laugh and grin as they agree with me, while adding the admonition, “That’s what I said and I’ve been here, ooohh, 23 years now”. It seems Alice is one […]

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Travel blog

The show is on the road. It’s a shade over two weeks now since I left Perth and started my trip to visit my daughter in Brisbane. That is the main purpose of the journey, and a very worthwhile purpose, but there are sub-plots, too. Driving from Perth to Brisbane over the top end is

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