My first album“retro” was released in February 2019. It was a lot of fun making it and gave me the chance to record some songs I had been playing for a long time. The earliest songs had been written 24 or 25 years before!!

Ross de Baker...
...and friends...
ross de baker's first album, relesed in February, 2019, available through spotify and all streaming services
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Slowly, slowly, building a library of music videos…

I hadn’t even thought about videos when I started recording the album “retro” but , we live in a visual world. The never ending question of how to promote my music promotes never ending responses. 

I’m enjoying the process of learning about video, and I hope over time to build a library of clips here for your enjoyment.


The song Wittenoom was written to commemorate the passing of the younger brother of a good friend of mine. The boys were both born in the asbestos mining town of Wittenoom. 

Wittenoom is a place of great sorrow for those who worked and lived there during the mining times. Once a thriving and prosperous community, the deadly lung disease laid its black hand upon the town, and for many the place is now one of ghosts and sadness.

House In Brentwood

Another song written for a departed friend. 

This mate was a “10-pound Pom”, one of those who came out from England to Australia on a government assisted package in the post-war WW II period. His father had gone and it seemed a better choice to his mother to bring my friend and his older siblings to Australia. Unfortunately for my friend, things never quite worked out.

It’s a song and I’ve taken liberties in telling a story, but there is a lot of truth in it, as well.

The Road And Horizon

I wrote this song at the end of a relationship. It seems running away from messy relationships and “hitting the road” is a recurring theme in my lyrics. As Linus from peanuts once said, “No problem is so big it can’t be run away from”

Bits & Pieces

Although employing video and film people to make videos guarantees a quality product, it is expensive. My creative journey is now including video, another learning curve and another rabbit hole, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Passport To My Heart - promotional video

A brief promo clip for my single to be released on Dec 9th, 2021, Passport ToMy Heart.

The video features dashcam footage driving through the Gap in the MacDonnell Ranges at Alice Springs, N. T.